Li Auto registered 4,527 units last week, up from 3,704 units the week before, while XPeng registered 1,817 units last week, up from 1,551 units the week before.
The new EC6 could be the equivalent of a trimmed-down and thus more affordable version of the EC7.
The new ES6 and EC7, like the new ES8, include CALB in addition to CATL as a battery supplier.
From January 2 to January 8, China NEV insurance registrations were 77,000 units, down from 163,700 units the previous week.
For NIO, the new ES6 is something to look forward to, as it has contributed the most sales to NIO in a long time.
Tesla has cut the prices of its entire Model 3 and Model Y lineup by as much as 48,000 yuan in China to boost demand in the world's largest EV market.
NIO's workload will increase a lot in 2023, but there will only be a small increase in resource investment, and inefficient projects will be optimized.
For the five weeks in December, November 28 to January 1, Tesla vehicles had 48,154 insurance registrations in China.
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