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DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction. Nothing in this article should be taken as factual occurrences.

Title: “Wheels of “Licensed” Innovation”


Setting: The bustling streets of London, where electric vehicles hum alongside iconic black cabs.


NIO: A trailblazing electric car manufacturer, fresh off a 2 billion-dollar capital infusion from CYVN.

Forseven: A plucky British electric car startup, part of CYVN’s portfolio.

William Li: NIO’s visionary CEO.

Kamal Raza: Forseven’s brilliant chief engineer and CEO.

Conflict: NIO wants to expand into Britain and the US, but tariffs and fear of Chinese imports threaten his plans.

Act I: The Electric Alliance

NIO’s Ambition:

William Li announces NIO’s global expansion strategy.

NIO aims to conquer Britain and the US markets.

Forseven’s Struggle:

Kamal Raza faces challenges: Years behind the competition in technology, unknown brand, stiff competition from existing car brands, and 3 -5 years minimum to bring a new EV car to market.

However, Forseven wants to revolutionize British roads in the next 18 months.

The Unexpected Solution:

CYVN intervenes: “Why compete when we can collaborate?”

NIO gets billions from CYVN to continue to innovate and compete in China while lessor-funded startups begin to falter as their funding dries up. NIO grants Forseven a worldwide license to use their cutting-edge EV technology to build a car in Britain. CYVN adds additional funding to Forseven to begin immediate construction on what will be a turnkey factory based on NIO technology, located in Britain, and not owned by the Chinese. This will bypass all the tariffs and fear of Chinese-built cars. NIO gets additional upfront licensing fees helping its P&L as well as ongoing royalties from every car produced by Forseven. The value of the stock in NIO, owned by CYVN skyrockets as NIO’s P&L improves.

Act II: Sparks Ignite

Forseven’s Leap into action:

Kamal dives into NIO’s factory blueprints, thrilled by the possibilities.

Forseven begins immediately building its new GIGA plant in Britain.

The Turnkey Advantage:

With NIO’s turnkey tech, the plant comes online in less than a year.

Time to market shrinks to a mere 18 months to produce 5 -7 right-hand drive British built EV models.

The First Forseven Car:

The “BritVolt” emerges—a sleek, emission-free marvel.

Londoners buzz with anticipation.

Act III: Roadblocks and Rivalries

NIO’s European Plans:

William Li eyes Europe next.

NIO replicates the Forseven model in Germany, France, and Italy with the help of CYVN.

Across the Pond:

CYVN funds a US startup, “AmeriEV,” same blueprint as what happened in Britain.

Detroit and Japanese automakers raise eyebrows, one of the big 5 caves and licenses the NIO tech and opens a new EV brand to compete with Tesla, building these cars in the US, by a US-owned company, and bringing the plant online in less than 18 months.

Global Showdown:

The electric race intensifies.

William Li's QTRLY update to Shareholders:

“We’re not just building cars; we’re helping the entire world go green with our technology.”

The Future Rolls out in 18 months:

BritVolt hit the streets of Britain. Shortly thereafter Forseven completes an IPO making CYVN billions.


The turnkey revolution transforms the EV auto industry.


World-class Electric cars hum in the streets of London, built in Britain, by a British company that is not owned by the Chinese. Forseven goes from zero to hero in 18 months.

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